Consequence of Folly

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Hold onto your goggles and pack a clockwork monkey, the dirigible leaves at dawn!

It’s the Yconsequence chris kindle cover2ear of Our Lord 1961 in the Confederate States of America, a land where the Industrial Revolution never happened, top hats and corsets are still in style and steam powers the country.

Lusty pirate Zen Bastard frees slaves with a shadowy outlaw known only as the Hammer, but when aliens attack and enslave the planet, the government pardons the Hammer, hoping he will help fight off the invaders.

Before you can say Nikola Tesla, the mantle of the elusive Hammer is thrust onto Zen by first lady Hope Kennedy who hires him to save the planet.
The Lady and the Pirate lead a rag tag band of adventurers in a romance made in Steampunk heaven except for one minor problem: Zen is far more interested in the Lady’s handsome, Persian bodyguard.


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