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Zen Monster Tarot will be a complete deck of cards including the Major and Minor Arcana, as well as the Words, a book explaining Tarot Basics, giving complete descriptions of the cards, and understanding of what each of the cards means. Higher rewards levels will include a novella called “Fool’s Journey” whose story should be self-explanatory. This Novella will also be available ¬†independently on Amazon. The photographic images will be based on the classic Smith/Waite deck, but will be updated and reinterpreted by the artist/writer. For those new to tarot, the images will be clean and easy to understand and the Words will be there to guide you on the first steps of your journey. Established readers will enjoy the connection to the tradition and the images will offer a fresh and unique perspective. John Robert Mack has been a photographer and writer for 40 years and brings a lifetime experience in both to this project. His goal is to create a deck that follows the tradition, but creates a power and fierceness he hasn’t seen elsewhere. That’s what Zen Monster is all about: living peacefully in the eye of the hurricane while knowing that the hurricane is out there.


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