Danny Decker

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dd coverAll the heroes in adventure stories are tortured loners no one loves or cares about in any way. It makes sense to Danny. If they had friends and family, why in the world would they go tearing across the universe to experience pain and deprivation and horrible, scary monsters?They wouldn’t. It’s as simple as that.

Everything changes for Danny when he picks up a penny that turns out to be a hyper-intelligent Engineered Lifeform. (He doesn’t like the term A.I.) Then an alien that looks suspiciously like a little dinosaur in a lab coat burns down his house with a silver banana and kidnaps his parents. Faster than you can say Hunger Games, Danny, along with his brother and friends—who made adventures an impossibility, if you recall—are off on a rescue mission involving evil dinosaurs, bloodthirsty giant insects and a time traveling immortal who really is that cool. Oh, and they save an entire solar system from certain doom in their spare time.

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