Once a Future King

slide 8 copyLegend says that the Lady of the arthur coverlake will reawaken the Once and Future King when England needs him most. When Arthur revives after a two thousand year sleep to find the Earth in the middle of a post-apocalyptic Dark Age, his biggest question is, if the Apocalypse wasn’t enough to revive him, what the hell must be waiting around the corner?

Merlin shows up to explain that a horrible cataclysm shattered the moon, ended the age of technology, and allowed for the return of magic.

Just minutes later, a dragon attacks the keep. Arthur leaps from the tower and slays the dragon, earning the respect of the farmers who have crowded around Avalon for protection. After learning that the dragon had been sent to kill him, Arthur plans a quest arthur image for webto find out who wants him dead and to gather warriors to defend Avalon.

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